Crafting Sidenote: Necklace Keeper

Dressing for a Job That Pays Real Money (JTPRM) is turning out to be an continuously nagging chore.

As an accountant, and especially as a consultant, (and more so a middle-aged accounting consultant), conservative seems to be the M.O.  But being a bit of a creative type, I want to be interesting.

(That is, the good type of “interesting,” not the kind that is usually said with one raised eyebrow.)

Ugh.  So much thinking.

Through my borderline-obsessive following of certain fashion blogs, I’ve developed a few coping mechanisms that satisfy both my creative-bent and my desire to remain competent-looking.

Accessories seem to be the easiest way to make that happen.

Thus my dilemma:photo 2Yikes.

I searched out alternatives to organize this mess of cheap beaded necklaces, I ended up at my local big-box crafting store and found the most wonderful contraption:  a memory box with a hinged glass cover.  Half-price.

I dug out some unfinished wood knobs (I think I bought them when my kids were in middle school for a project involving refurbishing the teachers lounge)  (oh, did I mention that we tried to repaint the walls in the lounge only to find that they had been coated with anti-graffiti paint so that all of our lovely paint job peeled off if you rubbed it with your hand? anyway -) and mounted them in the case.

Here’s the finished product:photo 4Cool, huh? The case already had the natural colored linen background – all I did was drill holes for the knob bolts, and there we go.

And the best part is that I can close it and keep the necklaces from becoming cat toys:photo 1I only wish that the rest of my wardrobe were so easy to manage!

Do you have any tips for organizing your “jewels?”  I’d love to hear them!

(I’m also taking suggestions for other ways to make work clothes more interesting . . )

All the best -




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2 Responses to Crafting Sidenote: Necklace Keeper

  1. Indiana Lori says:

    That’s a cute idea! I’m big on accessories. I wear mostly solids, which makes it easy to change out necklaces, pins, and scarfs, to make an old outfit feel new. I dress to my winter color palette, making most of my clothes interchangeable. I’m terrible about buying an outfit, wearing it once, and then swapping it all around with everything in my closet. Give me one good, white shirt, and I can dress for a week. And my other go-to? Cashmere sweaters and pants. So comfortable, and they only need pearls to make the world’s greatest outfit. I can’t believe how much good cashmere ends up in consignment. Who let’s go of never worn, expensive grey sweaters?

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