Me and “E”

It started so innocently.

A winning bid on a 2 piece business suit – for $50!!photo 5Then maybe a blouse.  Or two.  But you know, the buy-it-now price was too good to pass up:photo 4A win on necklace from a company that’s juuuuust a little outside my budget:photo 3Or two:photo 2Then there’s the selling – what if I sell a couple of things?  What ever possessed me to buy a pair of jeans with sparkly beading on the tuckus that brings attention to the ass I’m trying to camouflage?  On the block they go . . .photo 1And that classic but unflattering sweater – out out out!photo 2-001Back and forth – fighting off snipers, the agony of not winning the perfect pair of dress pants (I just KNOW they would have been perfect) . . . can I get something for this jacket that’s too tight?  Buy a bit, sell a bit . . .

Until there she was:photo 1-001 

Won for a price at about half of what I would pay for her new, this pretty girl has now taken up residence here in Indianapolis – sent up from finer digs in sunny Florida, she has an extended harp, a dozen different feet, and an instruction manual.

A Pfaff 3.0 Expressions to keep my lonely Bernina company . . .
She’s in beautiful condition, moved on from her previous owner who wanted to focus on embroidery and wanted to get a nicer machine to do it.

Oh, and did I mention she has an extended harp?  Woo hoo!  I can hardly wait to start on another a quilt.

So far, I’ve done just a little practice sewing and the only fussiness that we’re fighting is her uncontrollable urge to race ahead too fast.  It might be an operator error, but I’m sure we’ll come to a good understanding.

Of course, she needed a plexiglas extension table – which I ordered from the same auction service and which should be here any day.

Of course.

Now, excuse me – that bid on that pair of shoes should be just about over . . .

All the best -


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5 Responses to Me and “E”

  1. Pat Nikolay says:

    Chris, seriously, you do know that these things are not alive and I’m hoping are not talking back to you. I know your cat is giving you funny looks . . .

  2. That’s the machine I sew on! I love it! Congrats!

  3. Indiana Lori says:

    Congrats! And cobalt blue and brilliantly rich jewel tones are the rage this year. So you are IN. So in.

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