Yes, I actually DO quilt . . .

It was two months ago yesterday that I last posted with big dreams of getting back onto my once-a-week soapbox to write about a lot of stuff, some of which has to do with quilting, and most of which has to do with all the other minutia rattling about in my head.

It has, however, been the most unsettling two months of my recent memory.  Difficult emotions, heavy loads that weigh figuratively on my shoulders.  Never at a loss for words, the past two months have sort of left me, well, paralyzed at the keyboard.

Other bloggers have written about going through high times of emotional turmoil – and how difficult it was to step back and write again.  I now know of whence they speak.

So, let’s see how far I get this time . . .photo 1 (3)Yes, there is a quilt underneath that sweet old man-cat, Beau.  Beauzy is in the process of proving the vet wrong AGAIN with the premature announcement of his imminent death, but he does sleep a lot, and for a long while the scrappy trip along quilt was his nest of choice.

That is, until I sent it to my lovely sister for her birthday.  Then,BoscoBosco took up the vigil of quilt watching.

Explain to me exactly what the attraction is, would you?  I swear, right now, both Beau and Flo have nested on their napping spots and yes, both are on quilts.  It’s either that or black pants, and I guess quilts are OK by me.

Oh, would you like to see what it looks like all laid out?  Without the adorable fuzzballs?photo 2 (2)I read another blogger refer to this type of quilt as “scrap vomit.”

Yes, well, I happen to like it a lot.  So there.  Neener neener.

The backing that I chose is a Kaffe Fassett print called “Bekah” – such an over-the-top unapologetic FLORAL that it warms the cockles of my scrappy 3I debated about going with such a blue blue print.  It crossed my mind that it might be a bit . . .much . . . but I think it’s just as outspoken s as the prints on the front, so why not?

My goal of using up some of my old uglies was thwarted in the end – I had it up on the wall, the top all sewn together, and looked.  And looked.  And in the end I pulled out three blocks that were duskier than the rest and replaced them.  I’m glad that I did.

All the best -


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4 Responses to Yes, I actually DO quilt . . .

  1. Pat Nikolay says:

    Beautiful quilt, Chris. I hope things are going better in your head as of this time. My best to you, my dear cousin.

    • Chris says:

      Hi, Pat. I’m doing better, thanks. Not enough time to sew, and the projects are mostly mending – but there’s plenty of time later for all that!

      Take care, sweetie!

  2. Indiana Lori says:

    There you are! I would not use the word “vomit” near a quilt, and certainly not near one as hefty as this one. Bold Chris. This one is BOLD!

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