A New Stocking for Our Mantel!

photo 4 (2)One of the big events of 2013 is the news that DS#2 will get married in 2014 in a lovely, autumn wedding to his long-time girlfriend!  So many fun things to plan for such a terrific couple!

Now that Avery has said “yes” to becoming a bona fide, card-carrying member of our family, it was time to finally hang her own stocking by the fireplace.  I originally thought something more modern quilt-y would be appropriate, but with Christmas bearing down on me (of course I waited until the week of Christmas) I chose to dig into my 2 1/2″ square stash and pull out all the pinks that I could – with a simple diagonal cross-hatch quilting, it was guaranteed to be a fairly quick and satisfying project.

Oh, and the fact that her stocking has HER NAME on it is noteworthy.  It sort of frosts DH that only DS#1 and now Avery have names on their Christmas stockings.  Why?  Well, Ms. Santa – the one who could actually FIX the name issue – got completely overwhelmed after DS#1 was born.  (DS#1 won the stocking-name-lottery because, well, he was DS#1.)

Ms. Santa was tired, cranky, and a little stubborn, insisting that we didn’t NEED names on the other stockings – for crying out loud, how difficult can it be to put the gifts in 4 stockings?

Except Ms. Santa is the one who regularly puts the wrong stuff in the wrong stocking.

And to illustrate that she will indeed get along just fine in her extended family, Miss A has tossed out the idea that obviously she and DS#1 were Ms. Santa’s favorites since they got stockings with names.

(Oh yes, she’ll do just fine.)

Since having a name on a stocking is something very desirable (who knew it was an issue?) let’s take a closer look at it, shall we?photo 2I decided to go with a messy, free-form lettering style.  I think it looks kind of cute – although it really needs to be even more “messy” and here’s why:  the “Chris Moon #1 Rule of Design” states that elements such as lettering is either P.E.R.F.E.C.T. or it is so imperfect that it looks intentional.

Intentional is the key.  If it’s a little “off” or a little scribbly, nope.  Straight on, embroidery perfect, or jaunty and messy enough to look sort of hip.

So, the jubilant feeling of completion has subsided and now what?

There are some projects that are on the table – mostly having to do with making more greeting cards, since I’m completely out.  January is promising to be a very busy month with the Job That Pays Real Money (JTPRM), so smaller, more contained projects are looking waaaay more appealing.

Oh, one more thing – I’d like to share some happy snow people that my dear friend, Debbie, made for me a few years ago.  They’re way cuter in person than in the picture.photo 4 (3)They’re festive, they’re adorable – and she did NOT off her Christmas stocking projects until the week of Christmas!

All the best -


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3 Responses to A New Stocking for Our Mantel!

  1. Becky says:

    Mom would be so proud she made your blog

    • Chris says:

      Hi, Becky! I’m so glad you stopped by. Your Momma was a wonderful friend – she used to “stalk” my blog regularly – and I loved it! She was a great inspiration too – so creative and fun to be with!

      She was super proud of you –

      Love you sweetie,

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