Flowers that Bloom Even at 10 Below

photo 1 (2)A morning last weekend had the blue/gray cast of a snow storm (boy, is that putting it mildly) and I thought it might be fun to create some pretty flowers to brighten up the afternoon weekend week!

photo 4 (2)The center panels on all 6 mini-quilts are painted silk then free motion quilted with black thread into fantasy flower designs.  Each is mounted on a 4″x6″ postcard – they each have an envelope and are ready for mailing.

photo 3 (2)The mini-quilts can be removed from the postcards and put into a frame if desired.  I’ve not yet found a good way to attach the postcard to the mini-quilt except by stitching it to the postcard, which looks a little **meh** on the back.

photo 3This is my favorite way of a) using up odds and ends of pretty fabrics b) using up odds and ends of expensive batting and c) using up small bits and pieces of time when I don’t feel like manhandling a big quilt under the machine.
photo 4I admit that this isn’t a quick and easy project.  When I actually start adding up the time, it is a bit of an investment.  But how pretty, yes?

photo 1On this one, you can see that I used fusible batting by all the little pin-dots on the silk.  I know better now.

photo 2I really like the one above – the silk is painted using Dye-Na-Flo paints.

I also use Derwent Inktense pencils to further color the silk, especially if the silk starts out fairly light colored – it’s really sort of fun and the way the color bleeds is in character with the project.

You can find other posts, including a basic tutorial on fabric greeting cards in the index on the left.

Keep warm everyone!

All the best -


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  1. Lorraine says:

    I LOVE these!!!

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